Peter Heehs. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Contents. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note on Proper Names. Part One: Son. I. Early Years in India. Bengal, –. 19 May Peter Heehs, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, is the first to relate all the aspects of Aurobindo’s life in its entirety. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. By Peter Heehs. Columbia University Press. pages. $ cloth. Sri Aurobindo Ghose (–) is one of the most.

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At Baroda he made up the deficiency, learned Sanskrit and several modern Indian languages, assimilated the spirit of Indian civilisation and its forms past and present. Published on November 25, Besides his three Baroda palaces, he owned extensive properties elsewhere in India and was always looking for more.

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Manoj Das Gupta happens to be the Managing Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the Registrar of the Ashram School, which is a powerful and influential position to hold in Pondicherry, so it is extremely surprising that the Police dared to treat him like a common citizen. In this book I use the spelling that the person preferred if he or she wrote in English; otherwise I choose a single, recognizable form.

It is inside all this, and it is outside all this. August Timmermans Bangkok, Thailand January 14, He the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs with some of the sub-officers and men, but the trip had no long-term results. Equally unfounded is the claim that his radical views contributed to his rejection.

Retrieved May 11, But somehow I did it in the manner in which children recite their prayers before going to sleep.

Peter Heehs

He also picked up marks in mathematics, Italian, political economy, English history, and English literature. On the day he neehs for duty in the state inhe had been asked to learn Gujarati within six months.

These unremarkable subjects are treated in an unremarkable way; the verse, always competent, rarely breaks out into a memorable phrase.

Nhien marked it as to-read Jan 10, Mill, and David Ricardo. By the end of he was so fed up that he applied, unsuccessfully, for the post of principal of a college in another state. Heehs was briefly in the news in April after the Indian petee ministry declined to entertain an application for extension of his resident visa aaurobindo April Urvasiethe first and longest, recounts the story of King Pururavas and the heavenly damsel Urvasi.

Heehs’s biography is a sensitive, honest portrait of a life that also provides surprising insights into twentieth-century Indian history. India too could defy imperial Britain if the men of the country could develop the same the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs spirit.

During and he carried an unusually heavy load in the hope of scoring a double jackpot: Adam Rawlings marked it as to-read Apr the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs, After a year or two on Shakespeare Street, the Ghose boys moved along with the Drewetts to a similar house at 29 York Place in Chorlton-on-Medlock, a neighboring residential district.

Sunita rated it really liked it Oct 17, His articles came out less and less frequently, and finally stopped.

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

The three of them were around the same age and had similar political opinions. The professor himself would have been happier if one or two had emerged from their stupor to be more active in class. Auroibndo good half of the poems in Songs to Myrtilla are on the theme of the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs, but it was a rarefied sort of eros that Aurobindo celebrated. About this website All posts are copyright c their respective authors and may not be used outside this website without prior permission.

Much of his work focuses on the Indian freedom fighter and spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo. Such an approach is possible and necessary when dealing with public events.

Beginning enthusiastically, he wrote fifteen pages in two months, but then abandoned the project.

Local grandees from Vidarbha, advocates from Vellore, and journalists from Ludhiana could aspire to be included in the counsels of the the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs who had dominated the organization since its founding. He told the same story when he passed aurobinvo the town of Arbelia: In a group of so-called extremists led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a journalist and activist from Poona, insisted that the social conference be held in a different place.

A mystic thus absorbed often is lost to the human effort to achieve a more perfect life. Gianmichele Giromella added it Jan 31, A few college-age Indians managed to do this the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs ; this caused some concern in Whitehall, and the maximum age was lowered.

Perhaps they are only hallucinations or signs of psychotic breakdown. I have never been fond of constraint of any sort and I was really not sorry to forego the service. I was able to find material that might have lain unnoticed for years, or even been thrown out when an attic was cleaned.